Our Mission

To improve the lives of those most in need in Fairfield County through dedicated fundraising, stewardship and distribution of funds, both operational and endowed, in support of Catholic Charities and other similar catholic entities.

Who We Are

Foundations in Charity is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that was created by Bishop Frank Caggiano in 2018, and launched in late 2019, to create an entity to receive, solicit, shepherd and distribute funds to support the work of Catholic Charities throughout Fairfield County. The Diocese of Bridgeport capital campaign, We Stand With Christ, raised funds to support Foundations in Charity. These capital campaign funds will be used to support the many programs and social services provided by Catholic Charities of Fairfield County. Catholic Charities puts faith into action by providing food, housing, mental health, adoption, immigration and family support services to the needy and vulnerable of all faiths in Fairfield County. For more information on the work and programs of Catholic Charities, click here.

Foundations in Charity recognizes the significant need for social services throughout Fairfield County and is committed to shepherding, managing, growing and distributing funds to support this work both on behalf of Catholic Charities of Fairfield County as well as other catholic entities who choose to put their money to work with us at Foundations in Charity.

The Executive Director of Foundations in Charity is Al Barber, the recently retired President of Catholic Charities. Al brings a wealth of experience in the broad range of social services in the County, particularly housing, hunger, immigration, family services and mental health. Al brings his years of experience in finance and marketing at General Electric to his work as well.

Meet Our Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Foundations in Faith is charged with managing the activities, assets and affairs of the Foundation, including oversight of adherence to the mission and management of the finances of the Foundation.

Bishop Caggiano

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