Family Directions

Catholic Charities has been serving expectant parents and adoptive families for almost 100 years. The organization helps families prepare to welcome a child into their home and supports them through the process. It also helps birth parents through the difficult process of planning for an unexpected pregnancy. Catholic Charities will discuss your options with you, help you in your decision-making, conduct home studies, guide you through the legal process of adoption, and provide post-placement services.

Family Directions works to find permanent homes for children who cannot be cared for by their biological parents and assists singles and couples who choose to become parents through adoption. Adoption services are organized to provide a coordinated set of services for the child, their biological parents, and their adoptive parents.

In serving families who choose to build their families through adoption, Catholic Charities provides many different adoption services, including both domestic and international home study approval services, domestic child placement, post-placement and post-adoption supervision, and search and right-to-know services for adult adoptees and their birth parents.

Catholic Charities is licensed by the Department of Children and Families as a child-placing agency, and is both COA- and Hauge-accredited.